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Nasco Industries, Inc.

Nasco Industries, Inc.

3541 N.W. 53 Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


For over 40 years, Nasco Industries has met the needs of the assembly and manufacturing industries, from standard off-the-shelf products to unique custom automation solutions.


Nasco Retracting Tool Balancers- 10lb Capacity

- Tension and release devices engineered for safety and ease of use
- No tools required
- Easy to grasp tension adjustment
- Release mechanism reduces tension in small increments
- Incremental adjustments protect both the tool and the operator
- Stainless steel spring edge rolled for longer life
- Heavy duty aluminum housing for industrial environments
- Compact size increases work space - 2.9” (7.3cm) body diameter
- Monofilament cable rated to 200 lbs.
- Hardened shaft

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