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From paper to digital, two worlds in one pen. - When it comes to expressing ideas, there is nothing more natural and accurate than grabbing a pen and putting it on paper. Neo smartpen tries to solve the inefficiency that comes in this process and allows you to enjoy all the digital convenience this world has to offer, while providing an experience no different from using any ordinary pen.


Neo smartpen M1

The compact and simple design of Neo smartpen allows an uninterrupted writing experience. Everything you write is automatically digitized into your device (Mobile, Tablet, PC, and Laptop)

The Neo smartpen M! is not different than an ordinary ball pen regarding size and weight. THe M1 smartpen has auto power on/off features that give you the best writing experience and performance. The cylinder body of the pen helps you write and draw smoothing with a comfortable grip. 

Neo smartpen M1+

Keep your precious records on paper digitally from doodles to formulas, shapes, drawings and ideas

The compact and simple design of Neo smartpen allows a seamless writing that you can ever experience.

All your writing is automatically digitized into your device. (Mobile, Tablet, PC and Laptop).

Automatically turns the power on when the pen cap is opened, and goes into standby power mode when not in use.

The efficiency of the battery has been improved, allowing you a longer use time.

Focus only on your writing, from the moment you start.

Neo smartpen N2

Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen. Every detail focuses on delivering a seamless transition from your previous experience with a conventional pen. 

Neo smartpen N2 recognizes pen pressure in 256 steps which will bring your writing to the Neo Notes app promptly and precisely

The pen does not need to be connected to a smart device to be used. N2 will store your writing data in its internal memory and sent it to your smart device later. 

  • Auto-sync with Evernote
  • Google Drive manager feature allows you to upload your notes to Google Drive and download them the Neo notes app on different devices. 
  • Able to convert handwriting into text
  • Supports 15 languages
  • Can export SVG and image files to edit in various design software
  • Able to record and replay voice notes

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