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N-III Super Pusher G36

N-III presents its latest innovation the Super Pusher G36, with touch control. The Super Pusher G36 is the most valuable choice to power any push cart. Our system is durable and extremely user friendly. The powerful motor and battery pack will move up to 1000 lbs across hard surfaces and low pile carpets while maintaining ease of maneuverability by implementing a touch controlled throttle mounted to the handle of the cart.

The Super Pusher G36 has been designed to be adapted to most carts that can accept an 8” caster wheel.

  • The system is shipped in a ready to install configuration.
  • The battery box can be mounted for-ward or back to provide maximum mounting flexibility.
  • The battery box is colored a matte black to keep it looking clean.
  • The throttle can easily be attached handles within easy reach.


The Super Pusher G36’s best feature is its simplicity

  • Charging: both on and off the cart. The battery pack can be permanently affixed to the assembly or be easily removed using the J-slot system. The motor is connected with quick dis-connect plugs to allow for rapid removal, the throttle is connect-ed with common CAT5 cable. The battery pack can be plugged into any standard 110V wall out-let.
  • LED indicators notify the user when the battery is full or needs charging.
  • Speed and direction are con-trolled using a touch throttle assembly mounted to the handle of the cart. Forward and reverse are achieved by touching the pad at the location for the desired speed.
  • Cutout switch is discreet and easy to use, preventing unauthorized use of the system.


  • No maintenance fully integrated circuit board
  • The motor is the only moving part
  • Heavy duty motor for long term reliability.
  • The batteries can take between 3000-5000 charge cycles, guaranteeing years of service.
  • All off the shelf components utilized

Technical Specifications
Total System Weight: 25 lbs
Motor: 36V 8” hub motor
Charging: Standard 110V wall
Control: Included touch control.
Max Cart Weight: 1000lb*
*Max weight specified for hard
surfaces and low pile carpet.
Safety Features:
-Throttle cutout button
- Internal Fuse prevents
- Only low current at control
- Intelligent lithium battery

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