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Mul-T-Mat & Supply Co.

Mul-T-Mat & Supply Co.

106 Rayette Road
Unit 4
Concord, ON, L4K2G3,


We are a wholesale distributor of Entrance Matting, Recessed Grills, Anti-fatigue, and Anti-static Matting.


Endurable No. 459

Durability, comfort, quality and economy. An extraordinarily durable mat with a dense surface and an exceedingly comfortable anti-fatigue sponge base. For All dry work areas.


Cooking lines, service counters, food prep stations, bar areas, work stations, laboratories, assembly lines, dishwashing areas, workshops.

Ultimate foot comfort. Incredibly lightweight - 80% lighter than conventional mats - no more heavy lifting. One piece construction, no connectors needed. Will not absorb liquids. Easy to clean. Unique top design assists in traction, improves safety and reduces fatigue. Closed cell non-absorbent PVC Nitrile rubber. Available in grease resistant black.

Tile-TopAM No. 420

Perfect for labs, pharmacies and commercial environments.

Now 100% anti-microbial (AM) for the health of your employees and facility.

Tile-Tops’ improved, permanently anti-microbial surface is able to destroy micro-organisms on contact and can result in a significant reduction of air-borne contaminants. This non-porous vinyl surface is also
constructed with an extra wear layer for exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance.

The mats’ exceptional comfort comes from its micro-pure™ sponge base. This unique Nitrile rubber composite is specifically designed for exceptional resilience and long life, and also offers permanent antimicrobial properties.

Tile-Top AM is a standard ½” thick and ideal for any dry area where overall comfort and productivityare important including:

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