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Mr Beams

Mr Beams

32333 Aurora Rd.
STE 100
Solon, OH 44139


Stick Anywhere Wireless Mini LED Lights

Mr Beams® versatile Stick Anywhere Wireless Mini LED Lights provide light almost anywhere you can imagine in your home. Their compact design and motion activation make them ideal for stairways and hallways so you can always see what's ahead. Use our wireless motion sensor light to illuminate stairs, cabinets, hallways, nooks, and more!

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light MB980

Mr Beams® battery operated ceiling light saves you the hassle of dealing with pull string lights or the expense of wiring lights. The wireless light installs anywhere in less than 5 minutes and provides 100 lumens of bright automatic light. Motion activation combined with wireless installation makes the ceiling light the ideal hands-free light for old basements, sheds, closets, porches, showers or anywhere that doesn't have sufficient lighting.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Slim Task Light

The Mr Beams™ LED Slim Lights are compact enough to fit under cabinets, cupboards and shelving units and are the perfect backup for a power outage. Light output of 35 lumens provides light bright enough to finish a project or cook a meal without overhead lighting. The crisp white color adds a clean look to kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Step Lights & Stair Lighting

Dark stairways can be dangerous. Don't risk a fall because of insufficient lighting. Mr Beams® Step & Stair Lights can be installed in any location and cover a wide area, so you'll always see in front of you.

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