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Modern Sign Press, Inc.

Modern Sign Press, Inc.

P.O. Box 1181
Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Dedicated to bringing you the latest and best in teaching and learning materials for Signing Exact English.


Music in Motion

Wojcio, M. D., Gustason, G., & Zawolkow, E. (1982). Music in Motion. Los Alamitos, CA: Modern Signs Press.


This children’s songbook features 22 songs in Signing Exact English.

Signing Exact Engish Dictionary

SIGNING EXACT ENGLISH, 1993, 479 pages, by

G. Gustason, E. Zawolkow. Illustrations by L. Lopez, 81/2" x 11".

• Clear easy to follow illustrations and descriptions

• Manual signs for over 4400 words, with the ability to make many more words


This book, the largest single collection of English signed vocabulary, is clearly a must for all students, teachers and parents interested in learning Signing Exact English. Contains manual signs for the alphabet, numbers, contractions, affixes, and fundamental information about sign language, sign systems and deafness. Written descriptions are adjacent to line drawings of manual signs. Includes background on SEE, suggestions for creative signing and references for further reading.

Teaching and Learning Signing Exact English

For Teachers of Sign Classes


An Idea Book, 1983, by G. Gustason. Revised 2011, by Patrice Stephenson

Comprehensive manual in a three ring binder used by teachers in conjunction with Signing Exact English text. Its five sections contain: 1) Background Information; 2) Ideas, Rules, Activities; 3) Two Sample Beginning Curricula, A and B; 4) Word Groups; 5) Sign Families with Practice Sentences. Also included are worksheets, charts, sample tests-everything to assist instruction in sign classes. Covers beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

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