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5089 Westerville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43231


Complete Capacity Cart

Durable, heavy duty, extremely versatile
Created for professional maintenance technicians & engineers

Complete SD Express Cart

The Mobile-Shop SD Express Cart was developed for maintenance engineers who needed a solid work surface, customizable storage and the utmost flexibility for transportation and maneuvering in tight spaces and up and down stairs. The SD Express Cart is the perfect blend of the transportability of the HT Engineering Cart and the storage of the PM Cart.

The SD Express Cart provides maintenance professionals with a modular, interchangeable drawer system that can add on to an existing Mobile-Shop System (in place of the tool modules) or can stand alone as a versatile, lightweight, easy to maneuver cart that helps engineers complete maintenance duties with greater efficiency, accountability, and professionalism.

Golf Cart Utility Bed

The Mobile-Shop Golf Cart Utility Bed provides flexible transportation, protection, and much more for your Mobile-Shop® HT Engineering Cart.

The Mobile-Shop® Golf Cart Utility bed fits on all standard golf carts and is ideal for garden style or resort properties, as well as large campuses and facilities. The bed is weather proof, locks up quickly and securely, and includes a retractable rain cover.

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