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Matia Robotics

Matia Robotics

1929 S 4130 W, Unit A
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


We are Matia Robotics, a company focused on improving the quality of life for people with walking disabilities.

We are a team of expert inventors and engineers, dedicated to the creation of innovative robotic mobility devices. Since our team first came together in 2006, our goal has always been to develop technology that will help people—specifically people with walking disabilities. We designed the Tek RMD to add more freedom to the lives of individuals with paralysis, allowing them to live in places not designed for them, and to move more independently in the world.



Tek RMD, provides the opportunity of movement for people with paraplegia by enabling them to independently stand up in a completely upright position with correct posture, facilitating their movement and comfortable completion of their daily tasks indoors, such as in the home, office and shopping mall. Tek RMD is not an alternative to wheelchairs, it is a totally new concept, a new platform.

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