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Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc.

Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc.

21150 Butteville Rd NE
Donald, OR 97020



  • Manually propelled one worker lift with 300-lbs. rated capacity
  • Totally enclosed platform with 42" guardrails, midrails, and gate; 4" toeboards and skid resistant mat
  • Two platform styles available:
         - Standard platform with steel deck (BL-315)
         - Cantilevered platform with aluminum deck (BL-C14)
  • Built-in ladder with flat, skid resistant treads and grab rails provides access to platform in fully lowered position while anti-skid rungs provide access to platform when platform is raised.
  • Compact base frame rolls on 2 swivel and 2 rigid 6" casters
  • Rails fold down for doorway passage and easy storage
  • Base is 32" wide by 65" long, outriggers extend to 68" wide
  • Leveling jacks secure lift to the floor
  • Hydraulic hand pump provides easy lifting
  • Standard finish is deep gray enamel paint
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards

Maxi-Lift 25 ft. Pusharound Lift

The Maxi-Lift’s smooth electro/hydraulic system is powered by a 12V DC motor. The heavy duty steel construction and dual leaf chains provide a comfortable, stable ascent to the desired work level. A built-in battery charger is provided with two (2) heavy duty 6V deep cycle batteries. All units are supplied with 110V AC power outlet on the platform. A lockable control center is provided to prevent unauthorized use.

Unit meets the strength and dimensional requirements of ANSI A92.3-1990 safety standards for elevating work platforms.

Lift is equipped with electrically interlocked outriggers. All outriggers must be properly positioned before the platform can be elevated.

Vestil Multi-Person Work Platforms

Vestil Multi-Person Work Platforms quickly and safely raise maintenance personnel where they are needed. Larger platform accommodates various applications.

  • Easily attaches to the fork truck by inserting the forks into the fork pockets and
    securing the platform to the truck.
  • 2" square tube construction.
  • For extra strength, base and 4" side curbs are formed from one piece of
    heavy-gauge sheet.
  • Slip-resistant surface and fork pocket openings on the deck.
  • Safety pins behind each fork and heavy duty chains welded to the back frame of the platform that secure around the fork carriage.
  • Built-in pin safety lock on hinged gate.
  • Highly visible safety yellow painted finish.

Zero Lift and Tilt Tables

Vestil Zero Lift and Tilt Tables are designed to lift or tilt products to an ergonomic working position, reducing operator bending. Products may be loaded and unloaded with the use of a standard hand pallet truck. No pit mounting required! Maximum tilt angle is 45°. Lift and tilt controlled separately. Remote power unit with hand-held control standard.

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