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Through professional guidance, is committed to helping its visually impaired customers locate, acquire, and use the most current and innovative services, resources, and tools available to enable them to retain and/or regain their independence.


Coil Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 3X/8.0D

This 2.5X LED illuminated hand-held magnifier requires 3 AAA batteries (included).

Donegan Rectangular Hand Magnifier 4.5D

Donegan Rectangular Hand Magnifier 4.5D
4.5D Black, hand held, rectangular aspheric lens provides an orthoscopic image.
Shaped with a variant radii it is calculated to produce a sharp image to the edge of the lens, allowing for distortion free viewing and greater magnification.(3 3/4 X 2 inches).

Flexible Arm Magnifier

This 4-inch in diameter lens is held by a 12 inch flexible neck on a heavy desk base.
The lens is +4 diopters and is made of Crown glass.
Great for reading and writing under, doing your nails, or seeing a computer screen.

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