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Luminaud, Inc.

Luminaud, Inc.

8688 Tyler Blvd.
Mentor, OH 44060


Luminaud Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality electronic speech equipment and tracheostoma products. They have over 40 years of experience providing you with prompt and courteous service at reasonable prices. 

They offer a wide range of solutions for your individual voice problems. Whether it's due to laryngectomy, vocal cord paralysis, ventilator dependency, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, vocal nodules, diminished lung capacity, use of esophageal speech or tracheoesophageal puncture (TEP), they can provide unique and specific solutions.


Spokeman Voice Amplifier

Now there’s an even smaller voice amplifier, with surprising volume and sound quality!

Helpful for people with soft voices whatever the reason - Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, PSP, laryngectomy, vocal nodules, partially paralyzed vocal cords, limited breath support, etc. With the Spokeman you can be heard more easily whether talking to one person or a small group-up to 25 depending on surrounding noise level. Useful in the car, bus or train, at family gatherings, parties or meetings, in a restaurant, in a small class or seminar, etc. Ideal when talking to someone with a hearing loss. 

Carry case and strap allows you to carry it over your shoulder, fasten it around your waist or Velcro® it around your belt. Or take the Spokeman out of the case and set it on a table, desk or night stand. Has an on/off/volume knob. Runs on rechargeable AAA batteries, the Spokeman can also use 6 standard AAA alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries if you prefer. And it even has a jack so that you can amplify C-D players, small radios, or communication boards.

Material:        Dark grey plastic housing|
Weight:          6.8 oz ( w/batteries inserted )
Dimensions:  3" x 3" x 1½"

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