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Low Vision Chef

Low Vision Chef


A Chef does not give up cooking, they adapt, so I have put together a line of products and tips she uses to keep active in the kitchen.

Our goal is to make your cooking easier, which will promote independent living and a healthy lifestyle.

Low Vision Chef put together a line of kitchenware in bold colors with tactile cues, we sells these utensils here to help you adapt in the kitchen with your loss of vision.


BBQ Grill Light

Proper Light Works as a form of magnification for a person who is legally blind.

This Light has many Advantages for Sight Loss people who love to grill:

Focus this Bright set of lights on your steaks and help your retina gather as much light as it needs to get the steaks turned, use the digital tongs to turn meat and you have a great grill cooking combo for vision loss.

This very handy BBQ light from Man Law Premium BBQ Tools with 12 Super Bright LED Bulbs, also has an adjustable screw clamp with flexible arm. Attach it to the BBQ. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Corn Cutter Palmzipper

The Palmzipper Slides on the fingers, fits in the palm for easy use when cleaning corn for salads, corn dishes of any type.

Thumb divot cue for comfort and proper placement of hand assurance.

You Hold the corn in your one palm in the middle and then use the zipper,(Over Bowl or Plate) on the opposite side rotating until you have removed all the kernels from the cob.

Easy Slice Tomato Slicer

Zyliss' Easy Slice Tomato Slicer has eight ultra-sharp serrated stainless steel blades for optimum slicing performance.

Loss of Vision and Safety Aide, Arthritis Accessable:

Hand pain makes it difficult to use a traditional knife, these two handles with a little movement allow a cook to still slice vegetables and fruit.

Vision Impaired will love the safety that the cradle and unique slicer provide and the food preparation security assistance.

Grater Slicing Blades

All Trudeau Graters are color coded and have high contrast color, safety guards and nonslip grip for added easy use.

Each blade is honed to an optimum cutting angle for minimum effort and maximum flavor.

Soft comfortable handle has non slip edge. Grater includes a protective sleeve for convenient storage. Also features a non-slip base. To preserve the sharpness of the blades, it is recommended to hand wash. 5 year warranty. by Trudeau, a company that develops visionary products. Style, eloquence, innovation-Trudeau letting you savor life's little moments.

Healthy Meatloaf Set

The Chicago Metallic non-stick healthy meatloaf pan features heavy duty construction.

The perforations allow the grease to drain away from the meat while baking and the lift and serve feature makes for quick and easy removal.

Each Chicago Metallic pan is designed with a non-stick, easy release for ease in baking and cleaning.

Joseph Joseph Folding Cutting Board Chop 2 Pot

Chop 2 Pot Large Plus Folding Chopping Board by Joseph Joseph

In Dark Colors for better sight with light foods, nonskid and provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for all types of food

Folding cutting boards with handles are a perfect choice for vision impaired to transport food from prep to pot or recipe with ease.

Polypropylene living hinges folds into a chute when the handle is squeezed to guide food into pot.

Features non-slip feet and soft-grip handle, so it will not move during the cutting and prep of food.

Chop2Pot Plus is the next generation of Joseph Joseph's original, award winning folding chopping board. Laid flat, it provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for all types of food preparation.

But when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a convenient chute down which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided.

Metallic Batter Dispenser

Neat Controlled dispensing of batter for cupcakes, pancakes or any batter. Just line up the dispenser hole on the bottom with your target and release the trigger, with some practice you will have a perfect product.

Make cupcakes and muffins without the mess.

Our easy to use Batter Dispenser eliminates scooping from bowl to pan, giving you clean, professional results.

Just fill the dispenser and pull the quick-release handle to release batter from the bottom opening

Palm Peeler Vegetable Peeler

Peeler for the Vision Impaired to use easily.

This neat little package slides right onto your finger, tucks into your palm, and peels anything you can get your hand on.

It even has a convenient potato eyer at the tip.


PalmBrush by Chefn this vegetable brush is ideal for the low sight person or person with arthritis problems. Slides on a finger fits snugly into your palm so you can guide it with your hand. No flying brushes here! The soft rubber top provides you with more comfort, control and a safe grip. The soil goes into the sink or intended place not away onto the floor. You guide the cleaning process.

Pink Kyocera Ceramic Santoku Knife

FK Revolution series is another line of exceptional ceramic knives from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics.

A reasonable price point and more knuckle clearance are key features of this distinctive line. Comfortable ergonomic handles Provide precise control.

The Revolution series is designed for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats, Staying razor sharp at least 10 times longer than traditional cutlery, making them ideal for everyday use.

Portion Control Dressing Lid

Keeps you from over dressing your salad, providing consistency.


Dispense one serving at a time. Condiments are frequently over used adding empty calories to foods and leaving pools of uneaten dressing at each meal.

The Healthy Steps Portion Lid measures and dispenses one serving of dressing so you can be confident in your portion sizes and yourself. BPA-free.

Product Features:

Fits most store bought condiment bottles, use with: Salad dressing, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, BBQ sauce and more.

Spice Rack Auto-Measure with Large Print or Braille labels

Color coded abbreviated Large Print Labels Included.

(Braille Labels available for spice racks on request.)

Never reach for a measure spoon again just click 4 times over the dish you are preparing to get one teaspoon "Now that is easy measuring".

Nothing could be more convenient when you have poor vision, arthritis, hand pain or dexterity problems.

Spice Rack with Braille or Large Print Labels

Choose from Big Print Silver and Black 30 font Areal easy to read or Braille labels when you purchase.

Start Looking Glass Spice Carousel bottles with shiny black Plastic tops and carrier to make it lightweight and durable.

Attractive, functional and easy to use.

New no leak distribution from top with caps to cover and keep spices fresh.

Strawberry Huller

Strawberry Huller removes stems easily for safely.

Makes easy work of removing the stem from strawberries without waste.

Also works on pepper seeds, potatoes, tomatoes and more.

This tool has a dull stainless edge that glides through the skin of fruits and vegetables.

The short contoured handle that guides you in one small motion in a circle under the stem to remove the stem or bad spot. It can be used as a seed remover for peppers, tomatoes, and more too.


Chopping Veggies is easy with this chopper: It is simple 4 pieces, easy to assemble and stores your food too.

Makes a quick easy Salsa, dip, pico.

Requires no power cords, just put it together put the chopper in place snap on the lid - give it a turn it snaps into place, pull on the cord that is on top around the lid. EASY! Storage lid included.

Wire Pastry Blender

This pastry blender has a thumb support on the handle that will support and aid in the stabilization and strength when you are blending and prevent tiring of your hand. It will also keep your hand going in the correct direction and prevent the tool from spinning Durable thick wooden handle will be comfortable in your palm.

Use to easily blend dry and wet ingredients together. Sturdy wire tines are durable but flexible. Lightweight and easy to hold. Wooden handle with thumb rest.

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