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LookTel is developing a suite of revolutionary assistive smartphone applications that bring the most powerful recognition technology of today to the aid of persons with low vision or blindness.


LookTel Breadcrumbs GPS

LookTel Breadcrumbs GPS is a location and orientation app designed specifically for the navigation needs of people with visual impairments or blindness.

Using the iPhone as a pointing device, Breadcrumbs helps blind or visually impaired travelers locate orientation points, or "breadcrumbs", on a route. A breadcrumb can be dropped in your current location by simply pressing the "Drop Breadcrumb" button in the app. Then, when pointing your phone in the direction of that breadcrumb, the device will vibrate to let you know where the breadcrumb is.

The app enables you to create routes by dropping several breadcrumbs along a path, such as the walk to a local post office, making it easier to re-trace your steps later. You can also drop a single breadcrumb to find specific locations or landmarks, such as the entrance or exit at the local beach or park.

LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people experiencing visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills.

Available through Itunes

LookTel Recognizer

LookTel Recognizer allows those persons having visual impairments or blindness to identify cans, packages, ID or credit cards, DVDs, and similar items. Customers can store images of objects in a library or database, and then point the iPhone's camera at an object and the phone will recognize and describe the item instantly. A barcode scanner is included to provide additional labeling help.

LookTel Recognizer is powered by an evolution of NantWork's Internet of Thought™ data linking services in LookTel's "Money Reader", an app that has helped thousands of customers with visual impairments or blindness to instantly identify and count more than 20 paper currencies. Like MoneyReader, Recognizer uses state-of-the-art recognition technology.

Recognition happens instantly, in real-time, without having to hold the camera still to capture a photo, then wait for a result. Recognizer can be used at any location, anytime, as the app needs no internet connection.

Recognizer provides customers backup support through export of the Library items via EMail, enabling the restoration of a database from lost or replaced devices. Sharing items with other members of the community is made easy via this email export.

Please note that people with severe visual impairments or blindness may require sighted assistance to initially create the image library. The image library must be setup before LookTel Recognizer can be used to identify objects.

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