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Location Based Technologies, Inc.

Location Based Technologies, Inc.

7545 Irvine Center Dr
Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618



PocketFinder+ Wearable Personal 3G GPS / Wi-Fi / Cell ID tracker utilizes all three location services to provide an ideal way for families and caregivers to keep track of the people they love. Ideal for children heading to or from school, after school activities on their own or via public transportation and seniors who value their independence, the PocketFinder+ can help you know where they are and be alerted if they go too far - right from your smart phone or computer! Breathe easier knowing those you love are safe!

  • See tracker location, speed, direction, heading & history on smartphone App
  • Wi-Fi Touch for indoor locates. GPS, A-GPS, Cell ID for outdoor locates.
  • Communicates on the 2G & 3G GSM wireless bands!
  • View multiple trackers on a single map
  • Alerts sent when tracker enters or exits a zone, low battery or SOS button press
  • "Track Mode" with locates as quick as every 10 seconds
  • Easily fits on a key-chain, in a pocket or backpack
  • Rugged and water resistant to 3 feet (1 meter)
  • Military grade account security   

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