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Linear Matrix

Linear Matrix

Factory 3/27 Pascal Road


Linear Matrix Australia is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Linear Matrix has been active in the lighting industry for years as a driving force with innovative ideas and custom lighting solutions. With strict demands of providing perfectly even backlit illumination in extremely shallow depths, our products are of the highest quality and reliability, beyond any other standard you will find. Linear Matrix develops products for high-end applications, keeping the client’s needs and constraints in mind.


Illuminated Virtual Skylight

Linear Matrix Illuminated Virtual Skylights

Create soft, warm light, at any time of day, in any space with an Illuminated Virtual Skylight. You can even install them in a ground floor apartment or office.

The Illuminated Virtual Skylight can be installed in a ceiling recess of as little as 60 mm, which provides an excellent depth of field for maximum impact. They can be installed in residential, commercial and even industrial properties.

This alternative to natural light has lighting control that can be fully automated using stand-alone systems such a DALI lighting system, Clipsal C-Bus or Phillips Dynalite, which perfectly mimics a real skylight with changing colour temperatures and brightness.

All units can be custom manufactured in any size from 650 x 650 mm to 2450 x 3000 mm, and can be supplied with interchangeable backgrounds which can be maintained by end users, such as blue skies, forests, abstract artwork, patterns, or pure transparent white.

Contact our expert team for a customised Illuminated Virtual Skylights solution across Australia.

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