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Light Therapy Products

Light Therapy Products


EZ Wake SunRise Clock

The EZ Wake SunRise Clock is the one of most economical QUALITY dawn simulators on the market. It comes with a fixed 30-minute ramp up sunrise and sunset feature (30 minutes is the time cycle most people prefer) and a backup alarm option. The globe is made of unbreakable polycarbonate plastic and includes a 60-watt bulb that is bright enough to read by. The EZ Wake is smaller and has fewer features than its "big brother" SunRise Digital Clocks, but its ease of use and low price make it a perfect gift for young people.

Per2 Smart Lamp

The Per2 Smart Lamp is an LED lamp with dynamic color temperature light which promotes concentration, energy and restful sleep patterns.  This light is calibrated to perfectly simulate daylight shift, dawn and dusk to keep your body at a natural rhythm.  Clinical studies prove that both dawn/dusk simulation and dynamic light simulation will increase length and quality of sleep and enhance concentration and learning skills, respectively.

SummerLight Light Therapy Headset

The effective, safe and stylish, SummerLight LED-Headset channels light through the ear canal and skull to the light-sensitive parts of the brain where light affects mood and energy levels. 

The portable SummerLight Bright Light Headset lets you take the light with you everywhere, leaving your hands free to perform other tasks and allowing you to move around freely. It keeps Winter Blues at bay, and helps you feel your personal best, throughout the year, whatever the weather. This unique LED-product also helps world travelers lessen the impacts of Jetlag.

SummerLight Headset can help in treating and preventing so called “Winter Blues" SummerLight can also be used to help synchronize the biological clock (in other words it can be used to shorten the affects of Jetlag), to increase energy level, and to boost cognitive performance.

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