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Liftavator Inc.

Liftavator Inc.

4430 Highway 70
New Bern, NC 28560


Designing, building and installing the highest quality accessibility equipment since 1982.


K2 Stairlift

The K2 stairlift is one of the easiest ways to stay in your home and enjoy the freedom of barrier-free living. Installed on your stairs, in only a few hours, the stairlift carries you smoothly and quietly up a straight flight of stairs. Liftavator’s K2 stairlift is uniquely compact – with the slimmest fold-up dimension on the market at only 10 3/4″ wide – to allow easy access to the stairs when the lift is not in use.

With safety features including a retractable seatbelt, overspeed governor and obstacle sensor system, you can count on your Liftavator K2 stairlift. Finished in soft white with an unobtrusive design, the K2 blends easily into your home decor.

Liftavator LULA

Designed for use in commercial projects as a LULA elevator

Look and feel of a high-rise elevator in a more affordable package

Fully automatic, hydraulic operation with optional sliding doors – also suitable for residential applications

The Liftavator LULA provides accessibility in commercial applications under the Limited Use/Limited Application code. Well-suited for schools, places of worship and other public buildings for up to three stories, the Orion is an industry mainstay. The fully automatic operation with two-speed sliding doors can service up to 6 stops and can be configured to meet ADA guidelines. Less costly than a full passenger elevator, with space-saving construction requirements, the Orion is a value-priced choice.

Liftavator Residential Elevator

The home elevator delivers luxury and convenience, with less space needed than traditional elevator designs. Requiring no machine room and minimal overhead drive space, the Eclips elevator can be installed in new or existing homes. Using a modular rail system, the Eclipse design installs quickly and seamlessly .

With a smooth and stable ride, your Eclipse elevator can provide up to 6 stops over 50′ (12.24m) of travel. You can configure your elevator for two openings to accommodate landings in your home, including a 90 degree exit.

Your Eclipse elevator is built with care using reliable components to provide you with dependable performance. A service panel can be conveniently located inside or outside the elevator shaft for ease of maintenance.

Whether you need an elevator for mobility issues, or you are just looking for the ultimate home convenience, a Liftavator elevator eliminates the barrier of stairs, making it easier for everyone to enjoy your home.


> Rugged construction ideal for outdoor or indoor use

> Reliable operation with robust components

> Ideal top deck and porch access

> Travels up to 72″ with 2 stops

Gain convenient, easy and reliable access with our Multilift, vertical platform lift. The Multilift easily accommodates a wheelchair with a capacity of up to 750 lbs. Built with durability in mind, the Multilift is up for the challenge of tough climate conditions. You can count on this lift for reliable performance and ease of operation. An ideal deck lift for home use, the Multilift is approved for certain commercial accessibility projects as well.

Outdoor Elevator

The Outdoor Elevator is unlike anything on the market today! A fully welded, all aluminum uni-body design makes it the most durable, weather resistance vertical platform lift on the market! Short lead times and an easy installation process means creating access to your multi-story home is a quick, easy process!

Adding to the durability of The Outdoor Elevator is a 160 MPH* engineered wind load rating!

SL-1000 Stairlift

If you want the freedom of mobility in your home and find stairs difficult or impossible to manage, Liftavator’s SL-1000 could be the ideal solution for you. Glide up and down in comfort and safety using the onboard controls or with the help of remote control operation. The constant-charge battery operation means that your stairlift works even through a power failure giving you peace of mind.



Liftavator’s wheelchair lifts are suitable for virtually any architectural requirements including public spaces and home use. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications from basic installations to large-scale, complex projects.

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