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Life Essentials

Life Essentials

8796 US Highway 231
Brookston, IN 47923


Every year, thousands of people are born with, or acquire disabilities. While it can be frustrating, you don’t need to let it restrict you. Life Essentials will enable you to take back your life and regain your independence. Our mobility lifts and accessibility products can assist you in everyday and work activities such as mobility home lifts, farming, horeseback riding, truck driving, industry work, and many activities at home and at play. We don’t see your disability as a disadvantage – we want to get you back in the driver’s seat and ready to go!


Custom Designed Lifts

  • A unique line of parking lot lifts and special storage lifts. Useful for storing cars at home or for commercial purposes.
  • Elevator lifts (non-people movers). Some multi-story in height.
  • A special lift to carry vehicles daily to a building rooftop of a national car rental company.
  • Lifts for use in salvage yard operations.
  • Lifts for a major automobile manufacturer so they could test new cars for safety and emissions.
  • A lift designed to lift bricks into ovens for a national brick manufacturer.

Tractor Platform Lift

A platform lift operates similarly to a seat lift. Unlike a seat lift, the user stands rather than sits. It is attached on the outside of a tall vehicle, such as a tractor or combine, and conveys the user from the ground to the driver’s seat.

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