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Krripple Kreek, LLC

Krripple Kreek, LLC


Don’t get around as good as you use to? Whether you are physically challenged or simply want a height advantage with No Climbing!

The Mann Stand is the Tree stand for you.


The Mann Stand Tree Stand

Advantages Of The Mann Stand Tree Stand:


  • No Climbing.
  • Can Be Used By Disabled As Well As Able Body Persons. 
  • Ease Of Setup: (One Person Approximately 6 Minutes).
  • Ease Of Removal, Ready To Relocate: (One Person Less Than 6 Minutes).
  • Low Attachment To Tree Minimizes Wind Swaying.
  • Ease Of Ascent And Descent (2 Button Remote Controlled).
  • Ascent Time (Full Elevation In Approximately 30 Seconds).
  • Observation Levels (Anywhere From 0 To Max Elevation).
  • Mobility (Highway Rated Tires And Rims, Goes Virtually Anywhere).
  • Minimizes Pruning ( Tree Friendly).
  • Detour Theft (Removable Tow Bar And Lockable Motor Enclosure).
  • Can Be Used For Observation, Loading Or Processing Game 

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