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Dedicated to innovation in manufacturing since 1983, Koolatron has grown its product base to include more than 200 unique products sold on hundreds of websites and in major retailers across North America and more than 30 countries worldwide. Koolatron is a global leader in thermoelectric and refrigeration products and is widely known for its flagship line of made-in-Canada 12 volt cooler/warmers and accessories. Custom versions of our thermoelectric coolers are also specially designed for application in heavy farm equipment, for transporting medical specimens and vaccines, and for refrigerating specialized tobacco products for retail sale.


Koolatron P20 portable thermoelectric travel cooler

The Koolatron P20 portable thermoelectric travel cooler provides the ultimate grab and go convenience for anyone who spends long hours in their vehicle. This iceless cooler will help save you money and eat healthier. Skip the hassle of ice and the costly road side restaurants. With your Koolatron 12 v cooler you can pack and cool healthy and refreshing snacks and drinks no matter where the road takes you. 

  • Slim, compact design ideal for minivans and tight spaces – Ideal for travel and designed to fit between bucket seats in minivans or tightly packed cargo spaces
  • Iceless thermoelectric cooling – Skip the hassle and cost of messy ice and enjoy reliable 12 v cooling to keep you and your family refreshed on your next picnic or beach day
  • 18 quart (17L) capacity fits up to 23 cans – Save money by keeping your favourite snacks and drinks within arm’s reach on your next road trip
  • Plugs into any vehicle 12 volt plug - use this travel cooler in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV.
  • Easy to open light weight life without latches – Ultimate grab and go convenience while in your vehicle
  • Cooler and warmer in one convenient machine – Cools up to 40 F (22C) below the surrounding temperature or use in warming mode to warm food or drinks up to 135F (57C)
  • Hard-sided durable design – our travel coolers are made of durable hard plastic with a smooth easy to clean plastic liner
  • Proudly made in North America – Koolatron thermoelectric coolers are backed with a one year warranty to give you peace of mind

Koolatron P25 portable 12 v cooler

The Koolatron P25 portable 12 v cooler is a great solution for the traveller, festival goer or tailgater. The 26 quart capacity will keep your food and refreshments cold for hours. This thermoelectric portable cooler plugs directly into any vehicle 12 volt power socket to deliver reliable and efficient cooling without the hassle or cost of ice.  

  • Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – Delivers the cooling power of a block of ice without the mess or cost of ice required for traditional ice chests
  • 26 quart (24 L) capacity holds up to 31 cans – This personal sized 12 v electric cooler comes with a removable sliding shelf to organize your snacks and drinks.
  • Cools to 36 F (18C) below the surrounding temperature – thermoelectric 12 v cooling technology lets you avoid the cost and mess of ice
  • Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet – This portable travel cooler can be used in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV and is ideal for a picnics or a day at the beach
  • Removable lid and flip-up locking handle – Our iceless coolers are designed to be portable and easy to clean
  • Built-in cord storage compartment – This smart storage compartment will ensure the 12 volt power cord is always on hand when you need on-the-go cooling
  • One year warranty – Koolatron thermoelectric coolers are proudly made in North America and backed with a one year manufacturer’s warranty

Koolatron P75 Thermoelectric Digital Precision Control Cooler TC-8

Koolatron is a leader in thermoelectric cooling and has been making custom coolers for the medical sector for over 25 years. The TC08 model features enhanced temperature management technology and provides a consistent 4-6 Celsius temperature range. The temperature range is programmed at the time of manufacturing and can be customized to meet specific needs. This precision control cooler operates on 12 volt power and plugs into the 12 volt outlet of any vehicle. It can also operate on 110 volt power when used in conjunction with the Koolatron AC Adapter (sold separately). 

  • Plugs into vehicle 12 volt outlet
  • Precise computer set temperature sensor / controller to maintains contents at 4-6 Celcius
  • Control board automatically switches from cooling to heating to maintain required temperature
  • Ideal for vaccine storage and transport
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • New improved design for better temperature management and performance
  • Dual fans to enhance air circulation
  • AC Adapter sold separately for 110 volt use

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