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Knight Global

Knight Global

2705 Commerce Parkway
Auburn Hills, MI 48326


Knight Global is a major global supplier of ergonomic equipment that accommodates consumer requests for state-of-the-art technology. They transform mechanical concepts into load-responsive handling devices that provide unmatched precision, speed, quality and reliability. Their versatile and innovative ergonomic product line is the broadest in the industry ranging from Air Balancer Systems, Lift Assists, Servo Systems, Workstation Cranes and Rail Systems and much more. Knight's ergonomic material handling solutions combine standard and proven product designs with custom development.


Knight Lift Table

Knight Lift Tables raise loads to the proper ergonomic heights for an operator, helping to create a safe and efficient workplace. They reduce time lost to personnel injuries and help increase productivity. Lift Tables can be designed to fit a multitude of application and come equipped with hydraulic steel fittings. Polished chrome shafts are used at all slide and pivot points to minimize the wear and prolong component life. We also offer optional stainless steel braided hydraulic hosing for increased durability.

Maintenance Lock-Out Bars are standard on all Knight Global tables. All tables are inspected and tested before they leave our facility.

Tables, Shuttles and Carts are available with a variety of accessories, safety features and equipment. Optional Safety Equipment including but not limited to; perimeter fence guarding, bellows skirting, safety mats, audible signals, light signals, toe guards, special control guarding, etc. are not included unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions. Please check with your state, local or plant safety for requirements. We are happy to quote any and all safety equipment needed to meet your requirements.

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