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407, building 2, Longxi Road NO.10
Nancheng District
Dongguan City Guangdong Province, 523000


A company specialized in selling winter warming products, including heated gloves, heated clothes, heated socks and so on.


Rechargeable Electric Finger Touch Screen Thin Heated Glove Liners | Sunwill

  • Soft breathable material, comfortable and resilient lycra, super soft thin warming glove liners, even writing is not difficult.
  • Anti slip design of palm.
  • Thin heated gloves liner,can wear with other gloves. It's a comfortable and practical thin heating glove liner great for cold weather.Hand wash or Machine wash (must put heating gloves liner into wash bag).
  • Superior heating elements. Battery Heated gloves, upgraded far infrared fiber heating elements covers whole back of the hand, fingers and finger tips. Warmer than ordinary battery heating gloves on the market. Especially the fingertips can give you more warmth. Perfect for anyone working in the cold. Rechargeable heated gloves can be stimulate your hands blood circulation.
  • Conductive PU on the tips of Index Finger to Use Any Touch Screen Device.
  • Best solution for winter indoor and outdoor driving working or sports activities. Very suitable Raynaud's, bad circulation, stiff joints. Say goodbye to cold hands.

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