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Genesis Adjustable Desking System

The Genesis desking system is the origin of total desktop adjustability, functionality and user-comfort. This freestanding desking system offers amazing adjustable table height options for all budgets and looks - classic or contemporary. KI understands the traditional 29-inch desk just isn't ideal for everyone.

The very affordable pin-adjustable option has a spring-loaded pin that lets you raise or lower table height from 24" to 31". Crank adjustable allows users to adjust the height from 22" to 43". For effortless control, the electronic adjustable option allows you to move from 24" to 51" with the push of a button, and you can save up to four preferred settings.

Intellect Activity Table

With varying class sizes, different teaching styles and fluctuating budgets, today's classrooms need to be agile and flexible. Intellect classroom activity tables adeptly handle all these challenges. Six table shapes provide effective choices for any teaching or learning styles. Choose from rectangular, square, round, quarter round, sixth round and kidney shaped. Curved sides allow tables to be configured quickly and easily. Table arrangement becomes fluid and organic. A refreshed elliptical leg design improves knee clearance and eliminates pinch points. A 10-inch height adjustment (22" to 32") ensures the tables fit any size student throughout a school. Made of heavy-duty, 15-guage steel tubing, legs are welded to triangular plates to ensure strength and durability. Create unlimited room configurations with Intellect classroom activity tables. Work with a single shape or mix-and-match different shapes to enhance collaborative, team, lecture or multi-task learning environments. Develop configurations you've only imaged before with these versatile, durable classroom activity tables.

Intellect Wave Desks

Intellect Wave classroom desks provide exceptional comfort and permit a certain degree of movement that results in improved alertness and learning retention. Intellect Wave classroom desks include several styles - cantilevered, 4-leg, tripod,  two-student, chair/desk combo and double entry. Standard desk tops are 26" x 19", while ADA desk tops are 33" x 20". Desk tops provide a variety of storage options, including a plastic book box, wire book basket and book bag hook. The chair/desk combo and double entry desk offer a wide, passive flexing back and waterfall seat form to lessen pressure points and increase comfort. An integral handle enables easy movement. The ribless design of the seat shells is easy to clean. Engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Intellect Wave desks exceed industry standards for durability. Elliptical tubing provides superior frame strength. Lightweight, textured poly shells resist scratching, fading, chipping and denting. Hard plastic or laminate tops provide a durable worksurface. Intellect Wave desks are made in the USA and backed by a 15-year warranty.

WorkUp Adjustable Table

Five different adjustment features provide various height ranges. The counterbalance model of WorkUp tables allows quick sit-stand adjustment without the need for power cords. The clean design is enhanced through the absence of a low-mounted crossbar, which maximizes leg room and improves the overall design. All WorkUp models feature a consistent base profile, allowing them to be mixed and matched with various adjustment styles based on individual needs within the same space. In addition, WorkUp features consistent visual qualities with other KI products, providing a clean, seamless aesthetic throughout an environment. With its complementary design, WorkUp can be used within KI's Unite® System to provide adjustability at individual workstations. The clean design of the WorkUp table base allows it to blend seamlessly and attractively into any environment. The absence of a lower cross brace enhances leg clearance, while the efficient T-base design enables the surface to be utilized from both sides. Within a classroom, library, or other learning environment, WorkUp offers the unique ability to adapt to users' needs and study styles. WorkUp offers five standard options for adjustability: ratchet, crank, electric (two height ranges), and counterbalance. A fixed table model is also available. The most notable feature is the ANSI HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) base, which requires a base range of 22 to 46.5 inches. WorkUp exceeds this code with an adjustment range of 22 to 48 inches. The dual-column counterbalance feature is the quickest-adjusting type of sit-stand table on the market. Combined with the ratchet and front-crank adjustable options, WorkUp provides a wide range of height-adjustability within an efficient statement of line.

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