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Jiffy Hitch Systems, Inc.

Jiffy Hitch Systems, Inc.

9100 W. Beaver Street
Jacksonville, FL 32220


The Jiffy Hitch is a type of quick hitch that eliminates the need for getting off your tractor, unsafely standing between the tractor and implement, or having another person's help in order to hook up and disconnect your implements.


Jiffy Hitch System

The Jiffy Hitch System is comprised of a male Jiffy Hitch attached to a farm tractor's three point hitch lower lift arms and also to a hydraulic top link, or to a manual top link. It is then coupled up with a female Jiffy Hitch that bolts onto the farm implement. That union completes the safest, and easiest, quick hitch connection on the market today. You may connect or disconnect your farm tractor from any farm implement without leaving the comfort of the tractor seat.

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