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JC Whitney

JC Whitney

761 Progress Parkway
LaSalle, IL 61301


Lakewood 33027 Engine Lift Plate

These Moto-Lift plates from Lakewood help ease engine removal and installation. The heavy-gauge steel plates bolt directly to the intake manifolds of most American V-type engines and have three positions to accommodate different weights.

Seat Belt, 3-Point

RetroBelt’s premium direct fit lap and shoulder seat belts not only beautify your classic vehicle’s interior, but provide renewed safety over those old, frayed seat belts you’re replacing. RetroBelt is known for their high quality two-point and three-point seat belt systems that get classic vehicles noticed for all the right reasons.

  • Designed specifically for classic cars and trucks
  • Gives vehicle a more polished, restored look
  • Available in 12 classic car colors
  • For use with bucket or bench style seats – depending on application
  • Use original mounting locations and factory hardware
  • Classic chrome push-button or aviator lift-style buckles
  • Belts feature color-matched retractors and stitching

Truck Bedstep Side Steps

AMP Research’s BedStep retractable step offers vehicle owners the ability to get a leg up into that tricky cargo space a little easier with a simple push of the foot. Simply step on the BedStep and it swings down to assist you, then sweeps back under the vehicle when not needed – brilliant. AMP Research, known for their superior engineering and design of aftermarket truck products that improve the vehicle’s functionality, get enthusiasts noticed for all the right reasons.


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