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Infogrip Inc.

Infogrip Inc.

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For over 25 years, Infogrip has been the world leader in assistive technology, ergonomics and special education solutions. Our extensive experience and product knowledge enables us to match you with the best product that fits your needs. We know that every person with a disability requires something unique and that "one size" never fits "all" in our industry.


Acrobat LCD

See near, far and everything in between with Acrobat. It’s our most flexible solution for reading, writing or viewing magnified images at any distance. Use it up close like a mirror for applying make-up or other personal grooming. By simply rotating the camera you can magnify images in the distance. Use it to view presentations, perwork, even work on crafts and hobbies. Acrobat is ideal for work, school or home and is easily transported. Acrobat LCD is a complete system featuring a 3-in-1 camera with a 19”, 22” or 24” monitor. The adjustable arm, tilting screen, and rotating capability allows the camera to be positioned at any angle for optimal viewing. A built in handle allows for easy transport.

  • Auto focus 3-in-1 camera for seeing yourself up close, reading and distance viewing
  • True mirror image while in self-viewing mode
  • Memory settings for each camera position
  • Various arms and positioning options provides maximum flexibility
  • Detachable camera for use at multiple workstations
  • 19″, 22″ or 24″ monitors provide up to 82x adjustable magnification
  • 28 available viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness 
  • Wrap around dual keypad allows easy access to controls
  • Computer compatible (Additional hardware required)
  • Optional rolling carrying case for easy transport
  • Left-hand mode
  • Tilt screen
  • Line markers, object locator, remote control

BAT Keyboard USB - dual hand set

Infogrip's BAT Keyboard is a one-handed, compact input device that replicates all the functions of a full-size keyboard, but with greater efficiency and convenience. The BAT is easy to learn and use.

Letters, numbers, commands and macros are simple key combinations, chords, that you can master in no time. Best of all the BAT's unique ergonomic design reduces hand strain and fatigue for greater comfort and productivity.

The BAT is the ultimate typing solution for persons with physical or visual impairments and is proven to increase productivity when used with graphic or desktop publishing software.

BAT One Handed Keyboards-Left Hand

Infogrip's BAT Keyboard is a one-handed, compact input device that replicates all the functions of a full-size keyboard, but with greater efficiency and convenience. The BAT is easy to learn and use. Letters, numbers, commands and macros are simple key combinations, "chords," that you can master in no time. Best of all the BAT's unique ergonomic design reduces hand strain and fatigue for greater comfort and productivity. The BAT is the ultimate typing solution for persons with physical or visual impairments and is proven to increase productivity when used with graphic or desktop publishing software.

Also available for the right hand or for both.

BigKeys Keyguard

The BigKeys Keyguard is made of clear, rigid, break-resistant plastic.

The keyguard attaches easily to your BigKeys keyboard and helps to stabilize fingers on the correct key while minimizing errors. Allows the user to rest hands over the keys.

BIGtrack Trackball Switch Adapted

The BIGtrack Trackball Switch Adapted has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks. The BIGtrack trackball also allows for 2nd Mouse Connection both the BIGtrack and a second mouse can be connected allowing simultaneous participation. The bright large 3" trackball helps to make mouse movements easy and accurate. While the oversized buttons make mouse clicks simple for those with poor motor control. For even more access this switch adapted version comes with two standard 1/8" plugs for two switches. Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so that you can use a switch for activation. This large trackball is also perfect for kids of all ages, especially children in preschool. The large trackball is easy on little hands and is simple to use. (Switches sold separately)

The BIGtrack Switch Adapted is easy to install and works on any Windows or Macintosh computer that has a USB or PS/2 port. Just plug and play.


Foot Switch

Infogrip's Foot Switch is a durable mono-jack switch designed as a foot or floor switch since you can rest the activating body part on the top of the switch between activations. Pressing down on the hinged top surface activates the Foot Switch.

Keyboard with Keyguard, USB

The Keyboard with Keyguard isolates the keys, which helps to stabilize and position fingers or pointers. The keyguard is attached to the keyboard eliminating the guesswork of matching up a keyguard to a keyboard. The keyguard is reinforced for stiffness. It is made of unbreakable, clear, .125 inch thick Lexan (a plastic material). The keyholes are smoothly finished and perfectly aligned with each key. Keyboard with Keyguard comes in two sizes. Large which is the standard size keyboard and small which is the size of a laptop keyboard with no num pad. Keyboard with Keyguard is a  USB Windows keyboard.


MicroPad gives you the numeric layout of a standard desktop keyboard or ten key. It is small and flexible and can be used left or right handed on your desktop or laptop computer. Use a keypad with a spreadsheet or accounting application or as a pointing device used in combination with Windows MouseKeys.

More Keyboard

The MoreKeyboard is an innovative large key and large-print computer keyboard. It is designed to benefit older persons, the physically and/or vision disabled, larger framed and athletic people, children and those whose work requires wearing gloves.

The MoreKeyboard's letter and number keys are more than 25% wider than those of standard keyboards. The larger landing area on the big keys helps with locating and operating the keyboard and is a perfect solution to enable users to type with more accuracy and confidence. The larger landing space is beneficial to new users (young or older), those with physically disabilities, those with large fingers/hands and computer users who wear gloves while inputting data.

Mounting Switch

The Mounting Switch is a pressure-sensitive switch. A simple press by the individual causes an activation. Individuals use the switch to emulate mouse clicks, run single-switch software, and use the scanning method for running the computer.

Pillow Switch

The Pillow Switch is activated by pressing on the top foam surface. The smooth, soft surface makes this a good switch for head or cheek activation. A safety pin and Velcro come on the bottom for easy fastening to a pillow or wheelchair cushion. Pillow switch has tactile and auditory feedback.

Rii Mini Keyboard

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is a mini handheld keyboard which consists of 69 keys, touchpad and laser pointer. Its portable and tiny design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment.

  • With 26 pcs dazzling bright LED lights to help when using in poor lighting environments.
  • Wireless Bluetooth with USB receiver
  • Ergonomically design makes this product can be used conveniently and easy to carry (Distance: 30 meters).
  • The World's first Touchpad can be used from horizontal and vertical.
  • Use from horizontal or vertical at your pleasure!
  • Innovative design of the Navigation keys
  • Smart located the direction control keys in order to be used as joystick control, make your feel the thrill of playing game by wireless device
  • Window's Media Control
  • Whether you are sitting on the sofa, or a comfortable bed, multimedia, wireless control, allows you to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying multimedia.
  • Built-in rechargeable more staying power lithium-ion battery
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery shorts time for charging but with longer usage time, endurable for up to 1 month.
  • One Wireless Laser Pointer, e-Pointer
  • Keyboard, mouse, presenter trinity, three-dimensional presentation, more vivid!
  • Have a real notebook Touchpad
  • Use of advance capacitive sensing technology, comparable to a real notebook touchpad.

S-board 840 Design Keyboard USB

The Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Design USB Compact Keyboard offers exceptional portability and typing comfort without reducing the number of available USB ports thanks to a built-in USB hub. The S-board 840 Design USB Compact Keyboard omits the standard numeric keypad on the right side, allowing for the use of a mouse closer to the body and reducing strain on the arms. This keyboard also includes built-in multimedia and shortcut keys, allowing for improved productivity for the typist on the go.

S-board 840 Design Numeric USB

The Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Numeric Keypad is the ideal solution for anyone who has the S-Board 840 keyboard or any true ergonomic keyboard. The advantage of this high-quality, compact, lightweight keypad is that it can be placed anywhere on the desk, so you can choose the most relaxed posture for your own shoulders. May of course be used on the left.

This numeric-keypad is USB compatible and has a built in calculator function! The num pad has 26 different keys.

This small, portable num-pad is perfect for use with a laptop as well. The shorter distance from the mouse to the keyboard helps reduce RSI.

Specs Switch

With a 1 3/8-inch activation surface, the Specs switch is small enough to be worn, but is most often used as a mounted switch. The Specs switch includes a standard flange base, a space saving flush base and a strap base for mounting around items. 24-inch strap included.


Never rely on a touchpad again. The Swiftpoint mouse gives you all the functions of a traditional mouse but operates next to your laptop's touchpad. It works anywhere your laptop works, so you never have to rely on a touchpad again. It’s small, wireless and goes wherever you go. You can use the Swiftpoint mouse on the palmrest next to your laptop’s touchpad, or on a desk surface just like a traditional mouse. The Swiftpoint mouse is fast and accurate. Research shows that the Swiftpoint mouse design is 30-40% more efficient than a touchpad. The intuitive pen-like grip does away with uncomfortable hand cramps commonly experienced with small mice. The Swiftpoint mouse points and clicks like a traditional mouse. Its easy-to-use scroll wheel helps you navigate through documents quickly, or zoom in for a closer look.


SwitchXS provides virtually complete access to Mac OS X and all standard Mac applications for people who can only use one or more switches. It offers full mouse and keyboard emulation by means of a scanning mode. With each click on the switch the user selects an action, such as "move the cursor up" or "type B", from a "scanning" menu. SwitchXS is typically used by people who are, for example, quadriplegic due to an accident, or living with neuromotor diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) with very limited limb movement.

SwitchXS provides a number of predefined scanning panels that the user can choose to move the cursor, click, and type into all standard Mac applications. It also allows the user advanced control over features such as audio-cueing, speech-cueing, key repeat, scanning speed and cycling, mouse speed and movement, and SmartTransparency™, which makes the scanning panel partially or fully transparent when no scan is taking place to enjoy optimum use of screen real-estate. SwitchXS works with any HID compliant USB gamepad, joystick, keyboard, and with any HID compliant USB mouse or trackball. SwitchXS also works with USB switch interfaces emulating any of the above devices.

SwitchXS includes LayoutKitchen®, an editor that allows users to make their own scan panels. For word prediction, in languages using the Roman alphabet as well as many other languages, SwitchXS can be combined with KeyStrokes.

TacType (iKeyboard)

The TacType (iKeyboard) solves the one problem with a tablet computer—the impossibility of touch-typing on its virtual keyboard.

You can’t touch-type because a virtual keyboard (which is just an image on the tablet’s touch-screen) deprives you of the positioning cues and tactile feedback provided by a “real,” or physical, keyboard.

A touch-screen is super-sensitive, so it’s impossible for you to lightly rest your fingers on the virtual keys without typing the characters. And because the keys themselves are just images, you can’t know by feel alone where your fingers are on the keyboard.


TouchFree Keyboard

This new new keyboard is designed to remove most of the causes of keyboard related pain and injuries. If you are hurting, it can let you resume your productivity without the pain. If you type a lot, it avoids some tiresome and harm happening to your hands. If you are a game player, it lets you trigger the gun a bit faster...

Wireless Ultra-Mini Touchpad Keyboard

The Wireless Ultra-Mini Touchpad Keyboard is the ideal companion for text entry across the room. The game controller-like shape is easy to hold and instantly familiar in the hand. Typing is as easy as text messaging. The integrated touchpad provides accurate and quick navigation with the shoulder buttons providing left and right mouse buttons. RF wireless works up to 33 feet away and doesn't require line-of-sight, making the VP6364 perfect for a home theater, living room, boardroom or classroom. Includes a USB dongle which requires no drivers.

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