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Inclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology

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Inclusive Technology is part of the Inclusive Group Ltd which also includes HelpKidzLearn and Special World magazine.

At Inclusive Technology we aim to provide the very best special educational needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids, eye gaze and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty. Our customers work largely in Special Education and Inclusive Technology’s mission is to meet their changing needs. Recently these have included enhanced access to iPads and other tablets; online subscription services like HelpKidzLearn or ChooseIt Maker 3 and eye gaze technology for learners with severe and profound learning difficulties.


Skyle 2 for iPad Pro

New and improved Skyle 2 enables you to control the iPad Pro with your eyes. Making it the perfect solution for access, learning and communication (AAC).


  • Powerful on-chip processing
  • Increased eye tracking accuracy
  • Larger head box / FoV (~58% increase)
  • Up to 60 FPS tracking speed
  • New App with gaze interaction
  • Now includes 1, 2, 5 and 9 point calibration
  • New protective case for portability and quick assembly
  • iOS 15 support

Skyle for Windows Eye Tracker

Easy and simple, Skyle for Windows is the first choice for eye gaze users in every classroom.

Indiscriminative of skill, it is perfect for multi-user settings. It allows anyone to start at any level of ability and build their gaze control skills at their own pace.

With Skyle for Windows installed on a desktop, laptop or tablet, children can use their gaze to explore, play games, learn, participate in classroom activities, communicate and more.

  • Skyle EyeMouse – Simplest, easy-to-use Eye Mouse.
  • State of the art Skyle for Windows Eye Tracker – Tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control.
  • Easy set-up: No technical training or knowledge required.
  • No-Fail-Start: 1 point calibration for early users.
  • Unique Classroom Features: Designed for special needs students and teachers. Building Independence & AAC: With Skyle for Windows learners can develop at their own pace.

Surface Pro EyeGaze Education

The Surface Pro EyeGaze Education bundle has been specifically created to suit your individual learners needs. It provides the best value, mobile and readymade solution to help your learner's progress from early eye gaze access skills on to independent communication.

What’s Included?

The Surface Pro EyeGaze Education bundle includes:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet
  • myGaze Assistive 2 Eye Tracker
  • robust and portable mounting solution
  • our award winning Inclusive Learning Curve software

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