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I.R.I.S., Inc.

I.R.I.S., Inc.

955 NW 17th Avenue
Unit A
Delray Beach, FL 33445


At I.R.I.S., we build software and products that help people increase their productivity while scanning and converting documents. We make it easy to scan, edit and share digital files.


IRIScan Desk 6

Simply the most economical document & pocketbook scanner. Your scanning process become as simple and easy as feeding your document below the IRIScan Desk 6. It scans all your documents, books and turn them into searchable content. Its unique structure, functioning, and application ensure a successful fusion of technologies, facilitating storing, managing, and accessing word documents.

Ideal for use in home, Office or while traveling: truly portable exclusive design USB powered A4/letter scanner. IRIScan Desk 6 document scanner offers a user-friendly and efficient way to archive books, loose papers, and your favorite print magazine. Ideal for scanning texts and pictures without having the hassle of setting up complicated directory structures. Our document scanner is easy and convenient to use, fully automates the process for you.

A revolutionary pocket book & document scanner that does more than just scan! Already trusted by professionals worldwide to convert paper into searchable text with the IRIScan Desk 5 version. The IRIScan Desk 6 is now even more convenient and easy to use than before. It scans, edits and converts pocketbooks, magazines, receipts and documents to digital files.


IRISnotes is a digital note taker designed to turn your handwritten notes into on-screen text, fully editable and compatible with any text editor!

Stop losing time retyping your handwritten notes and redrawing your sketches on the computer! With the IRISnotes, you can take notes or draw sketches on any paper surface and easily turn them into editable digital text, ready to be shared or archived. Simply place the small receiver on the top of your documents and your notes will be recorded as you write!

The IRISnotes works just like a traditional pen*. It will let you write notes or draw sketches on any paper surface. The provided Bluetooth receiver connects with the pen in no time to record the notes you take. Both the receiver and the pen can be charged using a traditional USB cable (provided). Extra ink refills for the pen are also provided.

The IRISnotes is fully compatible with popular text editors like Word, Excel, Outlook, Pages, etc. When you are back to your computer, simply connect the USB receiver and your notes will appear on screen instantly, ready to be edited, shared or archived.

IRISPen Air 7

Simply slide IRISPen™ Air over printed text or numbers from newspapers, magazines, invoices, faxes, letters or any other type of document, and the text will automatically be retyped in your computer. It doesn't matter if you use Word, Excel, or any other text editing application or web-based editor. Anywhere you can type, IRISPen™ Air can type too!

RISPen™ Air is made to scan text on any kind of paper document. You can use it to scan text lines in books, magazines, newspaper, letters, faxes or even documents in a binder. The digital highlighter can also be used in many situations including scanning books at the library, translating menus at the restaurant or scanning barcodes from a bank transfer slip.

IRISPen™ Air is very compact and fits well in hand. It only weighs 9 oz. and it is about the same size as a traditional highlighter. You can easily store it in a purse or even a pencil box and carry it along wherever you go. To start scanning, simply synchronize the pen with your computer, tablet or smartphone using the Bluetooth connection. The provided software (for Mac® or Windows®) and applications (for IOS or Android® ) make it very easy to setup and use the pen in any situation.

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