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Houssential provides unique and creative household essentials that enhance your homes look, feel and functionality. Your home is the place where you should feel your best and Houssential strives to be a helping hand in achieving that.


Houssential Laptop Arm + 3 in 1 cable Set

Keep your phone right in front of you while you are on your laptop or computer
Just extend the Magnetic Arm out, place the phone close by and let the magnets do the rest. Need to charge your phone while working? A premium 3 in 1 charging cable is included as well.

The installation and use is super easy. Here's how it works; in the packaging you will get 2 magnetic plates with adhesives which can be placed on two different devices by peeling the adhesive sticker and aligning onto your phone. Then, you place the laptop magnetic arm where you would like on the side of the laptop. Open the arm to the side and you are ready to use it right away! Use the 3 in 1 cable to charge any device that you have by plugging it into the USB port in your laptop.

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