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Heskins LLC

Heskins LLC

Heskins LLC
PO Box 559
East Butler, PA 16029


Heskins LLC, based in East Butler, Pennsyl­vania is Americas largest manufacturer of non-slip tape and floor marking materials, fully certified to ISO9001:­­­2015. They produce and supply a wide range of widths, lengths, shapes, grades and colors, abrasive and non-abrasives, available for immediate dispatch to the whole of North America and beyond! 


Safety Grip

Henkins LLC Safety Grip™ anti skid tape is second to none.­ The original anti slip tape we started with,­ manuf­ac­tured to the highest quality using the latest production methods, to ensure a consistency of quality throughout. Heskins first developed this durable, effective slip prevention and even today it remains our most popular.

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