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5250 Highbanks Rd
Unit 410
Springfield, OR 97478


Hardy Lean Solutions is committed to innovating, designing, and manufacturing solutions for our customers in global industries for their material handling needs. We aid in identifying, solving, and implementing solutions that keep your workforce safe, empowered, and efficient. We do this through our engineered solutions and equipment that invest in our most precious resource - people.


GoLift (HL-1000)

The GoLift can be equipped with a quick-connect feature that allows an individual to quickly and safely switch attachments to accomplish a variety of tasks with a single machine.

Our GoLift line of products allows you to lift and move products without the risk of injury by having to pick-up, or move them physically. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, the GoLift line is a convenient way to maneuver items throughout the office or production floor. 

Available with various optional attachments, the GoLift line is a safe and easy addition to any business to help reduce the risk of personal injury and increase productivity.

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