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Harbor Medical

Harbor Medical

3519 Glen Oak Dr.
Jarrettsville, MD 21084


Our products are designed to make the process of being lifted or bathed a more enjoyable and safer experience for the patient . Our bathing sytems and safe patient handling lifts are designed to improve the staff working conditions, to prevent patient handling injuries, and with our focus on design, look good doing it.


Height Adjustable Changing Table

The height adjustable changing table is an easy to operate multi-purpose shower and changing table that can be set at the right height for each caregiver- vital to avoiding back injury. The wall mounted versions are normally floor fixed for stability and conveniently folds neatly up against the wall when not in use. It comes in a range of sizes and can be used with ceiling or floor lifts in a wet or dry area. Suitable as a wall mounted shower stretcher. Perfect changing tables for schools, homes, or institutional use. The most complete height adjustable changing table line.

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