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Hammacher Schlemmer & Company, Inc.

Hammacher Schlemmer & Company, Inc.

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Messenger Bag Director's Chair

Rated "Best Overall" by The Wall Street Journal, this portable director's chair folds to about the size of a laptop and stores in an easy-to-carry messenger bag (Play Video). Telescoping legs and a folding backrest enable the chair to fold to less than 4" thick in seconds. Easier to transport than the bulky sacks that accompany lesser models, the chair's messenger bag straps over a shoulder and across the chest for simple, hands-free portability to an outdoor concert or campsite. Despite weighing only 9 lbs., the chair supports up to 250 lbs., thanks to its rugged aluminum and steel frame and 600-denier nylon mesh seat. Unlike lesser portable chairs that sag as you sit, this superior unit's seat and backrest remain taut, providing support during prolonged periods of sitting. The armrests have an integrated cup holder and two pockets. Open: 34" H x 22" W x 17" D; Folded: 3 3/4" H x 20" W x 12" D. (9 lbs.)

Optimal Posture Office Chair

This is the office chair that provides chest or back support to help maintain optimal posture. Developed with doctors from the Wooridul Spine Hospital, the chair has a chest rest that provides support as you lean in toward a keyboard or desk, preventing back strain caused by hunching over. The rest swivels 180° for use as a backrest that shifts the shoulders back and chest outward, encouraging the curved, proper posture that reduces back strain. The seat's pelvis support has a gentle forward slope that shifts the pelvis forward and raises the buttocks above the knees, resulting in semi-standing posture that discourages slouching; a major cause of back discomfort. The sides of the seat are also sloped, spreading the knees apart (hip abduction) and keeping the pelvis upright to reduce stress on the back, shoulders, and neck. The chair has six casters, its legs have built-in footrests, and the seat is tilt and height adjustable. 38 1/2" H x 18" W x 17" D. (44 lbs.)

Original Sleep Sound Machine

This device produces a soothing whooshing sound that helps block distracting noise. Developed by Hammacher Schlemmer, the sound generator ameliorates noise from ticking clocks, traffic, or coworkers, creating an environment that is more conducive to concentration or sleep. Ideal for use in a baby’s room to create a soothing atmosphere, the compact device sets up unobtrusively on a desktop or nightstand and its volume and frequency are adjustable. Plugs into AC. 3 1/2" H x 6 1/2" Diam. (1 1/2 lbs.)

The Best Talking Watch

This is the talking analog watch that ranked highest in every category in evaluations by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Unlike lesser models that were inaudible or malfunctioned completely, this model announces the time distinctly in a male voice, ideal for those who find it difficult or inconvenient (such as when driving) to look at a watch. In addition to the time, the watch can announce the day and date, alarm, and sound a chime at the top of the hour. Contrary to other watches that were found to be overly complicated to operate, this watch offers straightforward instructions and functions that are easily accessed via two buttons. To ensure accuracy, the watch automatically synchronizes nightly with the atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO, a timekeeping standard that won't vary by a second in 80 million years. The watch's face is set within a stainless steel case. Its 3/4"-wide black leather strap fits wrists up to 8 1/2". Face is 1 1/2" diameter x 5/8" depth. (6 1/2 oz.)

The Light Therapy Visor

This is the visor that provides therapeutic light to counteract the effects of fatigue, jet lag, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Unlike static devices that require one stare into a lamp, this lightweight, portable unit is worn on the head, enabling use anywhere. Its three white and three red LEDs emit 800 and 80 lux respectively, providing daylight spectrum light in the amount recommended by the National Institute of Health. This light therapy blocks the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, clinically proven to result in increased energy and alertness. Optimal when worn for 20-30 minutes in the morning, you can alternate between white and red light therapy (equally effective) with a press of a button. Its tilting LED panel and adjustable strap provide optimal light placement and a comfortable fit; allows use with glasses. Includes travel pouch and three AAA batteries. 6" L x 4" W x 3/4" D. (12 oz.)

The Text Stabilizing Digital Magnifier

This is the digital magnifier with a stable base that glides smoothly along reading surfaces, making it ideal for extended use. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this magnifier’s flat, offset base enables you to effortlessly maintain a consistent, optimal distance above text, unlike shaky magnifying glasses or lesser digital models that quickly fatigue arms and eyes. Enlarged images are displayed in sharp detail at one of four selectable magnifications (5X, 6X, 7 1/2X, and 10X) on a bright 640 x 480 pixel resolution 3 1/2" LCD color screen. Three color settings let you adjust the screen’s brightness to accommodate light conditions or your eyesight. The magnifier captures screen images with the touch of a button and saves them to an SD card (not included) or transfers them to a computer via USB. Includes USB cable, drawstring carrying bag, and cleaning cloth. Requires three AAA batteries. 5 1/2" L x 3 1/4" W x 1 1/4" H. (5 oz.)

Tinnitus Masking Sound Generator

This is the sound generator that helps muffle the constant ringing or buzzing of tinnitus so users can concentrate or sleep. Employing the same masking therapy recommended by otolaryngologists and the American Tinnitus Association, the device's 12 tracks incorporate specific white-noise frequencies (1,000-10,000 Hz) that allow tinnitus suffers to select the specific sound that provides the most effective relief. The digital recordings can play continuously or for 30-, 60-, or 90-minutes intervals, and they average about 45 minutes in length to avoid the annoying repetition of lesser sound generators. The device comes with an additional 12-track card of pleasant nature and relaxation sounds such as ocean surf and wind chimes. The portable device sets up on a desktop or nightstand and includes a headphone jack, and a backlit alarm clock.

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