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Gospel Publishing House

Gospel Publishing House

1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802


Joy of Signing

The Joy of Signing, Third Edition: A Dictionary of American Signs
by Lottie L. Riekehof

Master the current basic signs used to communicate with the hearing impaired in either the word order of the English language or in the American Sign Language pattern with one of the most comprehensive guides available. This updated third edition provides the essential conceptually based vocabulary needed for both beginners and persons entering interpreter training programs.

Over 1,500 signs are clearly illustrated and grouped by chapter into their natural categories. It includes sections on the history of sign language and fingerspelling, the art of signing, language patterns of signs, and an illustrated guide for fingerspelling.

Sign Language Made Simple

Lawrence, E. (1977). Sign Language Made Simple. Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House.


This 240-page hardcover includes 40 lessons with sentences, word drills and line drawings to clarify more than 1,500 signs.

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