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Good Karma Applications

Good Karma Applications


Good Karma Applications is a little company with a big mission. They create mobile technology to provide parents, caregivers, and educators with the tool sto help support those with autism, learning differences, developmental disabilities, and communications needs.


FTVS HD: First Then Visual Schedule HD


FTVS HD is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere with everything you need easily accessible from within the app, it's universal so it will work on any iDevice.

FTVS HD lets you easily and quickly create and use ALL these visual supports in just one app:  First Then boards, Visual schedules, Task analyses,Social stories, Choice boards and Video models.

Features include:

  • Customize with your own photos (from five different image sources) and sound
  • Set a timer for either an entire schedule or for individual steps 
  • Attach a choice board or video to any step
  •  FIVE different viewing options
  • FTVS HD makes it easy to create, customize and share schedules
  • To save time, you can used previously created schedules as templates  or create a new schedule from scratch
  • Print schedules and share them with other users via email.
  • Temporarily hide a step in a schedule from view

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