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Overview offers an excellent selection of quality products while providing reliable service and competitive prices. This ecommerce website offers our customers a Secure Online Shopping and Purchasing Store 24/7 with on hand experts ready to assist you with your purchasing decision. We know online shopping can be a little intimidating, that's why our site is extremely secure and simple to navigate. With over 30 years of selling quality instrumentation we know the importance of service, support, customer experience, inventory and price.


Extech SL130W

Sound level alert with alarm for continuous monitoring and ideal for industrial, hospitals, auditoriums, schools and other areas. Bright flashing LEDs alert user when sound level is too high or too low.

  • User settable high or low limit (30 to 130dB) indication with output to drive external relay module
  • Microphone rotates 180° for desired placement
  • Meets ANSI Type 2 and EN 60651 accuracy specs compliant to OSHA
  • Optional 5m (15ft) microphone extension cable for remote monitoring

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