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Gliding Green LTD

Gliding Green LTD


GlidingGreen™ works to find innovative, energy efficient, and cost-effective solutions for those who want to use electric vehicles to enhance their productivity and/or enjoyment of life.  Our vehicles emit no CO2, and their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is far lower than that of any Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle.  Our goal is to bring you the coolest, most fun, best quality, and best performing electric vehicles, at the best price.


InMotion MoGo

The InMotion MoGo™ is a smart, electric, self-balancing, sensor-controlled vehicle. The InMotion MoGo’s™ ergonomic operation provides a thrilling new way of experiencing the world — gliding.

MoGo’s™ eye-catching design with LED front- and tail- lights, automatic turn signals and brake lights makes for safe night gliding. The long-life vacuum-molded rubber tires never go flat, and the durable rubber footboard provides a solid, non-slip platform.

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