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7 Floor, HuaRong Building,
East QiaoLian, LongGang District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong,



Smart Battery: Enters sleep mode and wakes up quickly.

Sensitivity Adjustment: 3 different sensitivity options to catch every movements

Quick Response Time: Takes less than a second to type a character 

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with mobile systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and Smart TV

Wide Viewing Angle: 160 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal angle precision. Involves 9 Axis gyroscope.

Ergonomic & lightweight: Weights only 50 grams. Designed to provide more efficiency and comfort

Anticarcinogenic & hygienic: Private use mouthpiece is hygienic. Materials used are non-carcinogenic and have CE and RoHS certification.

High Compatibility: Compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux, and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth

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