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Offers exemplary educational programs to deaf and hard of hearing students at all learning levels.


American Sign Language: A Student Text

Cokely, D., & Baker, C. (1991). American Sign Language: A Student Text (Units 1-9).
Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press.


This 178-page softcover book helps students acquire conversational competence in ASL. The book uses line drawings to illustrate individual signs. Videotapes of these units and two additional texts (units 10-18 and 19-27) for students are available. Also available are ASL: A Teacher's Resource Text on Grammar and Culture and ASL: A Teacher’s Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods and Evaluation.

Conversational Sign Language II

Madsen, W. J. (1972). Conversational Sign Language II. Washington, DC: Gallaudet College Press.


This 218-page paperback, designed for intermediate students, is divided into three areas: A review of basic signs and fingerspelling, English idioms in sign language, and sign language idioms.

Intermediate Conversational Sign Language

Madsen, W. J. (1982). Intermediate Conversational Sign Language. Washington, DC: Gallaudet College Press.

This 377-page paperback volume offers 25 ASL lessons, each including an English paragraph with an ASL gloss, vocabulary review, drills, and sentences for translation practice. The book uniquely presents signs, represented by line drawings, in sentence form only.

Signing with your Clients

Vold, F., Kinsella-Meier, M. A., & Hilley, M. C. (1990). Signing with your Clients: A Practical Manual for Audiologists and Speech/Language Pathologists. Washington DC: Gallaudet University Press.


This book, designed for use with deaf and hard of hearing clients, shows how to sign the most frequent questions and statements used by clinicians. The manual includes more than 500 line drawings illustrating the signs for 237 sentences.

Signs Across America

Shroyer, E. H., & Shroyer, S. P. (1984). Signs Across America. Washington, DC: Gallaudet College Press.

Signs Across America provides a fascinating and unique look at regional variations in American Sign Language (ASL). The authors contacted native signers in 25 states to find out their signs for 130 selected words. The results -- more that 1,200 signs -- are illustrated in this book. It is an invaluable reference for teachers of American Sign Language that explores the subtle differences in signs from different geographic areas.

Signs of the Times

Now, the bestselling American Sign Language textbook Signs of the Times has been completely revised and updated. The new, second edition is an excellent beginner’s American Sign Language textbook designed for use in the classroom or at home. Organized into 44 lessons, it presents more than 1,300 signs representing 3,500 English glosses. Each lesson contains clear illustrations of all signs, English equivalent words and synonyms, sample sentences to define vocabulary context, and practice sentences to display and reinforce ASL usage.

Signs of the Times is a complete text that includes new class activities for teachers, plus new student activities that can be done in class, as homework, or as quizzes. The new edition features the Contextual Sign/Word Appendix, which displays groups of sentences using the same English word to show different meanings along with the corresponding ASL signs. It also provides an expanded index, vocabulary lists, and a reading reference list. The new edition offers facts on ASL grammar and Deaf culture and includes mind ticklers that enliven the lessons with hints, tips, and mnemonic devices.

The new Signs of the Times expands the features that made it a standard, easy-to-use ASL textbook. Signs are repeated in sentences throughout the book to provide excellent practice for the students. The clear, easy-to-understand sign illustrations facilitates the learning process, enhancing students’ success while also making ASL fun.

Edgar H. Shroyer is Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Education of Deaf Children Program, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC.

Susan P. Shroyer is a former teacher and administrator, the North Carolina School for the Deaf, Greensboro, and former lecturer, Department of Specialized Education Services, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC.

ISBN 978-1-56368-446-3, 8½ x 11 paperback, 560 pages, sign illustrations, index

Songs in Signed English

Bornstein, H., Saulnier, K., & Hamilton, L. (1984). Songs in Signed English. Washington, DC: Gallaudet College Press.


This revised full-color song book was designed especially for deaf children. It includes eight popular children’s songs in Signed English. A 7-inch, 33-rpm record presents the songs with a simple voice and piano accompaniment.

The American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards

Now, the format for the bestselling American Sign Language (ASL) dictionary has been adapted into easy-to-use flash cards! The two American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards sets feature illustrations of 500 of the most commonly used ASL signs. Each sign has been reproduced on a durable 6” x 4” card that can be easily viewed from a distance, and all of the English words that the sign represents are listed on the back for convenient reference. The signs have been arranged according to 40 standard ASL handshapes to help users recall the meanings of familiar-looking signs, or learn the meanings of completely new signs by matching their shape with the correct sign card. Complete instructions describe the best methods for using the flash cards to teach and learn ASL, providing both individuals and large groups a perfect way to learn and improve their grasp of the third most popular language in America.

The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary

Bornstein, H., Saulnier, K., & Hamilton, L. (1983). The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary. Washington, DC: Gallaudet College Press.


This 464-page hardcover book contains more than 3,000 signs and 14 grammatical markers. Line drawings of signs and written descriptions are included.

The Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing

Now the standard sign language book for more than 200,000 people has been completely revised and updated! American Sign Language (ASL) experts updated this brand-new edition to present more than 500 of the most current ASL signs in use today, including cross-references for multiple words expressed by a single sign. The Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing also offers tips on ASL usage, plus the American Manual Alphabet and manual numbers.

The Signed English Starter

Bornstein, H., & Saulnier, K. (1984). The Signed English Starter. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press


This 230-page paperback book covers 940 basic signs. Information on sign systems, the use of markers and how deaf children learn English is also provided.

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