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Haz-Mat, Over-the-Shoe Rubber Boots

Onguard 12-inch, .60mm latex rubber over-the-shoe, Haz-Mat boots are slip-on shoe covers for controlling the spread of hazardous materials. Protect your boots and yourself against worksite debris. Economical enough for one-time use but durable enough for repeat wear. Ribbed and textured soles give reliable traction on wet, slippery surfaces.

Hercules Gloves

Hercules NSR Gloves provide two layers of significant puncture protection to both the palm and back of the hand. Gloves work great for applications where full protection is needed. Precurved design and glove liner provide added comfort. Offer more than three times the cut resistance provided by Dupont’s Kevlar.

PVC Overshoes

Onguard pull-on overshoes keep the mud off your boots and out of the workplace.

Molded from durable FLEX-O-THANE, these heavy duty PVC overshoes are built to last. Reinforced heels and toes and seamless, one piece construction. 4-way cleated soles are self-cleaning and help prevent slips. Kick-off flugs let you remove overshoes without getting your hands dirty.
Made in the USA.

Vinyl Boot Covers

Pull these waterproof vinyl covers over your shoes or boots to contain moisture and dirt. Elastic tops hold covers up. 3 mils thick.

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