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GRIT Freedom Chair

GRIT Freedom Chair

10 Cabot Road, Suite 103
Medford, MA 02155


The GRIT Freedom Chair is an all-terrain wheelchair built for every type of adventure. Developed by MIT engineers, this easy-to- push, lever-driven wheelchair comes armed with rugged mountain bike wheels, a big, sturdy front wheel that doesn’t get stuck, and optional trail handles, allowing you to choose your own adventure.


GRIT Freedom Chair: Spartan

The GRIT Freedom Chair can be ridden almost anywhere—on the road and off it. From muddy hiking trails to sandy beaches, this chair will get you through it all. Push yourself across grass, cut through the mud, tackle an obstacle course race, or hit the beach in this all-terrain wheelchair. The rugged and lightweight steel frame is stable, keeping you grounded and in control.

Special features:

  • Reinforced frame designed for extreme terrain

  • Wider tires for better traction

  • Rear push handles

  • Official Spartan red accents

  • Drivetrain Upgrade

  • Optional front mount for front-rope assistance

Also includes all the great features of the 3.0:

  • Patented easy-push lever drive

  • Quick-release wheels, seat back, and footrest

  • Padded tension-adjustable backrest

  • Great on trails (and lots of other terrain)

  • Fit in the trunk of a small car

  • Use standard mountain bike parts

  • Industry's best customer service

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • 2-year warranty

  • Seatbelt for secure off-road riding

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