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FrontRow Calypso LLC.

FrontRow Calypso LLC.

1690 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954


FrontRow makes technology for effortless communication in any learning environment. And that helps you deliver a great education more efficiently. Active in classroom sound, automated lesson capture, audio-visual room control, and campus-wide communication and control.


FrontRow Juno

The towering standard in classroom sound quality, FrontRow Juno sets up in minutes — and yet evenly fills your classroom with the kind of exciting, multi-layered stereo sound you’d expect from a much larger installed system. What's more, Juno's intelligent digital platform connects you to exciting tools like automated lesson capture, voice-command control of displays, and easy intercom. It's EPP-Ready, too, fitting into your school's emergency-preparedness plans with superb communications technology available only from FrontRow.

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