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Freedom Lift Systems

Freedom Lift Systems

741-1623 Military Road
Niagara Falls, NY 143041745


Accessibility Professionals Inc. specializes in providing industry leading products for making bathrooms, kitchens, homes and businesses accessible and easier to use for people with physical disabilities as well as individuals of all abilities. Our goal is to help people arrange their spaces to best meet their needs and maximize their independence.


28" Adjacent Left Access Wheelchair Lift

A Freedom Wheelchair Lift for home use is a perfect affordable solution for your accessibility needs. We know that even a small step or porch can be a large barrier for someone in a wheelchair. Our residential wheelchair lifts remove those barriers, allowing all family members easy access into and out of their home. An outdoor wheelchair lift provides a smooth and safe transfer to a different level, allowing seniors to live in their own home longer, improving independence and overall quality of life.

52" Straight Right Access Wheelchair Porch Lift

Do you want to make your home accessible for yourself or a family member? A Freedom Wheelchair porch lift for home could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Relying on a wheelchair, scooter or even a walker for mobility can seriously limit your independence, especially if your home has steps at the entrance or a raised porch. By adding a residential porch lift to your home, you can stay safe and independent longer, improving your overall quality of life.

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