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Freedom Designs, Inc.

Freedom Designs, Inc.

2241 N. Madera Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065


Freedom 2

The Freedom 2 is a lightweight sling seat and sling back folding frame. The Freedom 2 has depth adjustable sling back with 4" of depth adjustment available. The Freedom 2 can achieve 4" of additional depth growth with optional front frame section. The Freedom 2 can also accept seating and positioning systems. You may choose from a wide array of vibrant, powder coated frame colors (no charge).

Freedom SP3

Swing-away front end, folding or rigid frame, front wheel drive or standard, growth capabilities, as well as vibrant, powder-coated frame colors (no charge), are some of the exciting options this frame has! Built for seating and positioning systems, too, this makes the Freedom SP3 one of the most versatile chairs in the world! The Freedom SP3 offers limitless possibilities, as well as quality workmanship!.

Freedom SP3 Mini

This chair has the lowest floor-to-seat rail height in the industry with removable hangers. Just 10-1/2” from floor to top of the seat rail!

The SP3 Mini Series is specifically designed with the user in mind. This product offers many options to accomodate a wide range of needs.

  • Pop-up or Latch Style swingaway hangers
  • Removable footrest
  • Rigid frame or folding frame for ease of transport
  • Front wheel drive or Rear wheel drive
  • Sling upholstery or custom seating available
  • Provides growth capablility: 10"-18" Wide
  • Two frame lengths available: Small 9"-12" or Long 11"-14" deep
  • A wide array of vibrant, powder coated frame colors




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