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Flying Blind, LLC

Flying Blind, LLC

955 Pembrook Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121



What distinguishes the NetECHO application from any other web browser today is that it does not require a PC or mobile phone, web browser, or screenreader in order to use the application. Amazed? I was. NetECHO delivers a variety of web content through any telephone, land-based, LAN-based, or cellular. The user simply subscribes to the service, dials a number, enters a user name and password, and then utilizes the self-voicing application either by issuing voice commands to NetECHO, or by driving its performance via the telephone keypad.

SoundPost Orientation System

SoundPost is the first orientation solution of its kind offering vision impaired customers an unparalleled means of safely identifying a desired location while traveling throughout their community. SoundPost consists of a hand controller that the user holds to locate strategically placed base stations which can be mounted to doorways, light posts, ambiguous bus stops, etc.

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