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Felix Gray


We come from roles in technology and finance that required hours and hours in front of computer screens. We’d leave the office with tired, strained eyes, sometimes headaches, and often blurry vision. While at the office, it often became hard to focus because of these symptoms. Our friends and colleagues had similar sentiments. Everyone wished there was a solution, but nothing existed that people wanted.


Felix Gray Glasses

The Felix Gray difference

  • Blue light

    How we filter Blue Light differently

    We embed our technology into the lenses, so our glasses filter 50% of all Blue Light and 90% of the highest range without distorting color

  • Anti glare

    Anti-glare & UV protection

    We apply premium AR and UV protection for each lens

  • Virtually clear

    Virtually clear lens

    No blue-reflective coating and a tint so subtle that it’s unnoticeable while worn

  • Magnification

    Optional magnification

    This reduces stress on the eye’s ciliary muscle if you’re fixated on your screen all day

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