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Factory Supply

3412 49th Street North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710


Aluminum Mobile Work Platform

  • 2 – 4 Step Sizes, 20″, 30″ and 40″ platform heights
  • 300 lb Capacity
  • Can be easily rolled from job to job on its dual 4″ rear casters.
  • Rubber-tip legs grip securely to floor when platform is in use.
  • 1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design
  • Available with or without handrails
  • Steps are 7″ deep. Choose 35″, 42″ or 49″ platform depth.
  • Solid Ribbed Extruded step or technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards

Aluminum Modular Work Platform

  • Weight capacity is 50 lbs/sq ft (500-1000 lbs)
  • Aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Stairs and Platforms are 30 inches wide
  • Slip Resistant decking
  • Stair railing height of 32 inches
  • Platform railing height of 42 inches
  • Handrails come with mid rails and toe boards
  • Steps are 9 1/2″ deep with 45 degree incline angle allowing forward facing descent
  • Meets All OSHA and ANSI standards
  • (MASU) Stair Unit 18” to 81” high
  • (MAEU) Platform End Support 18” to 81” high
  • (MAPU) Platform Unit 30”, 60”, & 120” lengths
  • (MAPR) Platform Railing match platform length
  • (MASR) Stair Railing match stair unit number
  • (T-ADPT) T-Adapter to attach one platform to the side of another platform
  • (S-ADPT) Stair Adapter to attach stair unit to platform when using only one handrail or no handrail

Drivable Mini Scissor Lift

Width (Feet): 2.33

Length (Feet): 3.83 

Platform Height Maximum (Feet): 12.75, 9.83 

Platform Height Minimum (Feet): 2.16

Working Height (Feet): 16,19

Order Picker Maintenance Lift

Manually propelled one person lift.

Totally enclosed 26” x 28” platform with 42” guardrails, mid rails and gate.

Welded compact base 32” x 63” allows lift to pass through doorways, no outriggers required.

Rolls effortlessly on two locking swivel and two rigid 6” casters.

Both hands are required to operate controls for user safety 12V DC power source complete with battery and charger for raising and lowering.

Alternate power sources available, 80 to 100 raise and lower cycles between charges with two models to choose from: Ground entry (OP-10*) raises to 9’6” and contains two 24” x 24” shelves on base. (*Shelf that raises and lowers with platform not included).

One Step Entry (OP-11) raises to 10’6” and contains two 18” x 24” shelves on base and a 20” x 28” shelf that raises and lowers platform, standard.

Finish is deep gray enamel paint. Also available with powder coat safety orange finish. – 300 lb. weight capacity – Meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards

Single Worker Lift

Manually propelled one worker lift.

Totally enclosed platform with 42” guardrails, mid rails, and gate. 4” toe boards and skid resistant mat.

Two platform styles available: Standard platform with steel deck (BL-315), cantilevered platform with aluminum deck (BL-C14).

Built in ladder with flat, skid resistant treads and grab rails provides access to platform in fully lowered position, while anti-skid rungs provide access to platform when lift is raised.

Compact base frame rolls on two swivel and two rigid 6” casters.

Rails fold down for doorway passage and easy storage.

Base is 32” wide by 65” long, outriggers extend to 68” wide.

Leveling jacks secure lift to the floor. Hydraulic hand pump provides easy lifting.

Also available with powder coat safety orange finish.

Three available power options: Convenient plug in 120V, AC Independent 12V, DC deep cycle system complete with battery and charger.

Air hydraulic power requiring 90 CFM with 90 PSI pressure. – 300 lbs. rated capacity – Meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards

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