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Ergoworks Consulting, LLC

Ergoworks Consulting, LLC

13643 Glenhurst Rd, Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD 208783921


Ergoworks Consulting, LLC was founded in 1989, by Marjorie Werrell, PT, CPEE, CIE and current president of Ergoworks Consulting, LLC.  Zack Koutsandreas, CPEE is the current Vice President. We provide Comprehensive Injury Management,Ergonomic Analysis, Prevention Training and OSHA Compliance Programs to corporate, industrial and government clients.

Ergoworks Consulting, LLC specializes in assisting clients by establishing a proactive approach to reducing costly injuries and reducing expenses, while improving morale and productivity .  Over 85% of our business volume is either repeat client work or by referral.


Individual Ergonomic Workstation Analysis

An employee by employee evaluation of their workstation.  Ergoworks spends thirty minutes per person going over all the risk factors of their work site.  In addition Ergoworks provides tips, exercises and training on ergonomics as it applies to you.  Lastly, Ergoworks make corrections on the spot to the workstation and document those changes that we are unable to make but recommend.  At completion, each employee is SMARTER, working SAFER and the corporate goal of an INJURY FREE workplace is well established.

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