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Ergotronix, Inc.

Ergotronix, Inc.

6408 Parkland Drive
Sarasota, FL 34243


Ergo Roll

The Ergo Roll multi-directional conveyor rollers are structured around the principle of mounting four free turning barrel shaped rollers in a 90 degree staggered pattern around the perimeter of a main wheel hub. This arrangement provides a total of five rotational axles per each wheel assembly.

In a paired or duplex wheel configuration, where two wheels are placed side-by-side, a total of 9 individual rotational turning axles allow for easy multi-directional transfer movement.

The roller’s open construction allows particles or dirt in the use application to gravitate through the roller structure, without causing binding or lock-up of the multi-directional roller function.

The roller is made out of self-lubricating plastics, and works equally well in wet application and does not require maintenance or lubrication for long service life.

The roller design provides a large load-carrying surface and is therefore not likely to indent or scratch the material being transferred on it.

Ergo Tranz

The compact, light weight Ergo Tranz factory lift transporter provides mobility in confined spaces, while eliminating body strain caused by manual lifting and positioning.

A single mast offers clear operator view during transport. With an infinitely variable lift speed, the Ergo Tranz lift transporter can be precisely adjusted for any application.

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