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Empire SUITE provides every key tool you need to successfully take a project from inception to completion, all on the cloud.



Personal time off is critical for your employees’ well-being and productivity, whether it’s a long-planned vacation or sudden sick leave. Track, manage, and schedule with our cloud-based personal time off management system.

Empire TIME OFF manages your employees’ personal time off efficiently and effectively, handling any kind of time off—vacation time, sick time, personal time, time in lieu—both planned and unplanned. Stay on top of your employees’ time off needs so you can make better, more informed scheduling decisions and ensure compliance with your company’s policies, all through a single cloud-based system that works across multiple devices and systems.

  • Capture time off requests via the web interface, mobile device or email
  • Define relevant time off types
  • Track time off based on your rules
  • Ensure compliance with company policies
  • Integrate with Outlook and Empire RESOURCE
  • Report time off up to the minute

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